White Gumba

Yesterday was the last day of my home stay. The family took me to visit White Gumba, a monastery up in the mountains. It was a very early start, I woke at 5.30am and we were on the road by 6.30am. We had a 2 hour uphill walk to the monastery. It was a stinking hot day (it is starting to get very hot now in Nepal unlike when I first arrived), so I was glad we started so early.

A shortcut to White Gumba


My Nepali Amma and her Didi

Amma and her Didi

The walk was very tiring, but again worth it to see another impressive monastery and the great views of Kathmandu.

My Nepali Family and I

My Family and I


Amma, Babu and Didi

A photo of my Nepali Babu at White Gumba

Babu at White Gumba

The View from White Gumba of the Kathmandu Valley

View from White Gumba


On the descent we stopped for a picnic. We ate rice krispies and spicy chick peas osf a newspaper. It was a very yummy combination. In the middle there was a bit of excitement because they thought a monkey was going to steal our snacks, but it came to nothing. Also on route we had fresh watermelon from a street vendor.

A family picnic on the road home from White Gumba

A Picnic

Eating a Nepali snack of yummy rice krispies and chickpead

Yummy Rice Krispies and Chickpeas

When I got back to the home stay I packed my bags and said farewell to the family. I felt quite sad to say my ‘good byes’; the last 2 weeks have been an amazing experience and they have been very kind including me in their family. The sweetest thing is the children call me Auntie :o)

Very Tired and Hot

The view of Kathmandu rooftops

View of Kathmandu

4 thoughts on “White Gumba

    • Hi Utkal. You can’t get to White Gumba there by local bus, your best bet is to go by taxi or do what I did walk :o) It is quite a long way, I started from Dhungadara and it was about 5 hours all round trip. Enjoy Becks :o)

  1. i heard white gumba opens on saturday only is it true? my friends and i are planing to go there tomorrow. so please can u give me a advise. thank you

    • Hi Juna, yes that’s right the White Gumba is only open on Saturdays. Sadly there was a robbery awhile back, so they had to restrict access. Enjoy your trip, Becks :-)

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