Taiwan Food Diary

I love food, but I’m not soooo adventurous – I normally don’t venture further than veggies and chicken.  Therefore eating in Taiwan has been an experience and taken me out of my food comfort zone.  Here is a sample of the culinary delights I sampled this week and some not so delightful.

Millet Soup and Veggie Pastie – 5/10

The millet soup was a wee bit too bland for me, even when I added soy and chilli sauce.

Millet Soup and Veggie Pastie

Sausage from a Food Stall – 6/10

Very brave by eating a sausage from a food stall, especially since I don’t know what animal it came from.  It was too sweet for pork :oS

Sausage from a food stall

Sausage from a Food Stall

Indian Curry – 7/10

Hmmmmm, my favourite food in the world – curry.  It had a Taiwan twist by having sesame seeds on the garlic nan and soy dressing on the salad :o) Though I made a huge mistake by asking for extra hot.  My poor mouth was on fire and I had to down a Taiwan beer to put out the flames.

Indian Curry

Indian Curry

Giant Mushrooms – 9/10

Not very adventurous, but tasted very yummy.

Giant Mushrooms

Giant Mushrooms

 Mixed Balls and Noodle Soup – 5/10

I could have gone for chicken and noodle soup, but I decided to take the plunge and try the mixed selection of pork and fish balls.  The pork ball had the thumbs up, one of the fish balls was tolerable but the other was way too fishy that a nibble was all I could manage, but at least I tried!!!!

Mixed Balls Noodle Soup

Fish Ball Noodles

Sushi Train – 8/10

I nearly opted for all the veggies dishes, but I was brave and opted for 2 ‘proper’ sushi with raw fish.

Eating from a sushi train

Black Pepper Steak and Fish Ball Soup – 7/10

The black pepper steak was divine, however the fish ball soup was a bit hit and miss.  I tried a new shell fish, which I enjoyed woo hoo!!! but the 2 unnaturally pink, fishy things were just wrong.

Black Pepper Steak and Fish Ball Soup

Black Pepper Steak and Fish Ball Soup

Ice Cream Pancake Roll – 10/10

This was heaven.  Pancake, topped with crushed peanut brittle, ice cream and corriander, then rolled. Yum, yum!!!

Ice Cream Pancake

Ice cream Pancake

Stewed Chicken – 10/10

Yum, yum, yum, stewed honey glazed chicken. 10/10 for taste and presentation!!!!

Stewed Taiwanese Chicken

Yum, yum, yum – stewed chicken and 10/10 for presentation


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