Made in Taiwan

On arrival at Taiwan airport I spotted a big sign – “Made in Taiwan”. It made me smile since that sums up my knowledge of Taiwan: this is the country where many electrical appliances start their life. Hopefully at the end of this trip I will know a lot more about this off the beaten track land.

Well, my first discovery, I am not too keen on the food. :oS I went for lunch with my new work colleagues and one of the many delights on offer was pig’s ears. I was very brave and sampled one ear. Surprisingly, it didn’t have me gagging, it just tasted like a piece of fatty unsmoked bacon. Needless to say I didn’t go back for seconds. I will happily wander all over the globe, but when it comes to food I am not particularly adventurous.

Pig's Ears in Taiwan

My lunch of Pig’s Ears :oS

However, in the evening I decided to visit Shihlin Night Market and after my lunchtime bravery, I had a new confidence towards food. I was thinking to myself I am going to open my mind to all these new and interesting delicacies. Hmmmm, it was not quite the same as Chiang Mia’s night market. After seeing a skewer of hearts, a giant squid and a sign for frogs eggs, combined with the strange smells, my newly founded confidence evaporated into thin air. I am embarrassed to say that nothing tempted my taste buds and I ended up eating a strawberry yogurt with a Snicker bar from the 7 Eleven. Maybe tomorrow my food adventure begins…

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