Last Day of the TEFL Course

Last Day of TEFL

Wooo hooooo!!!! 85% on Grammar, 79% Phonology.  Yesterday was my last day of the TEFL course.  It was manic: I was up late the night before and awake at 5:45am studying for my exams, a Song and Chants class in the morning and then the test in the afternoon. What a full on course, I need a holiday now :oS

The Song and Chants lesson was really fun, Emily and I was teaching year 2 “I’m a little teapot”.  They are so sweet, after the first time we sang it the children clapped.  One little boy cried, I don’t blame him with my voice!!!

The exam was a nightmare.  It is one of the toughest exam I have done in a long time, I don’t quite know how I got such a good mark :oS.  85% in grammar – wow!!!!  If you want to know about objects, complements, auxiliary verbs, present progressive, I’m your woman!!! :o)

Today, my TEFL teacher is talking with a moderator in the UK, so hopefully if all goes well I will graduate tomorrow.  I celebrated prematurely last night and went to Rum Doodle restaurant with Emily.  It’s a great restaurant, the walls and ceilings are covered with paper feet with the names of people that have conquered various treks and peaks in Nepal.


We ended up chatting to 2 British guys, Scot and Malcolm, who have just climbed Island Peak a mere 6189m (20305 feet).  This is real climbing not walking!  They are quite extremists.  Apparently, Scot has been in numerous UK documentary with Bear Grys and does some personal training on “lose weight’ reality shows. He did not seem too impressed that I might be on TV this month, with Bollywood Star.  Scot has run the Everest 30 mile marathon, which is at high altitude.  Between them they have done some impressive, crazy stuff.


It was a fun night; they are staying in a posh hotel so we back to their bar and drunk free beer sitting next to the pool.  Very different world to the dusty, noisy, crowd Nepal I am accustomed to.  Poor Emily, she had to get up this morning at 5am for an Everest scenic flight.  Hope she made it and not cursing me for keeping her out late.

On Sunday I am moving to a home stay.  I am going to stay with a Nepali family for 2 weeks; hopefully I will get to learn a bit more Nepali.  Not sure about eating dal bhaat twice a day though :oS  Also I am going to do 2 weeks voluntary work in a school nearby their house. I am teaching years 1 and 4.  With some luck, I won’t have to spend 5 hours preparing for each lesson plan and it will be easier than the TEFL course.

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  1. hi Becks. If you want to do a thrash metal version of I’m A Little Teapot in Nepalese then I can do bass and lead, a mate of mine can do drums and the Uplands Tavern has a 1000 watt PA system. Lets do it if you get back to Swansea sometime. You know it makes sense

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