Flat Rental Update

Well last week lots happened on the rental front.  Got very excited by my first reply from AirBnB.  She sounded perfect: a girl in her thirties, moving for work, blah de blah.  But…. I didn’t reply quick enough, so she found somewhere else.  Lesson learnt – be quicker off the mark.  Then my 2nd and 3rd enquiries came in.  Woo hoo!!!  I have a student moving in tomorrow for 10 days.  Not sure what to expect, so watch this space.

Also have some news on renting out the flat whilst on my travels.  A friend of a friend is moving in.  I am not going to get as much money as through the agent, but I have peace of mind she is going to look after my place.  Also I have the added bonus I can leave all my stuff in my flat.  All my personal belongings I will simply throw in my room – too easy.  Much better than having to organise packing and storage. 

It feels good to have an another item ticked off my travel ‘to do’ list.  It will certainly help with the mortgage repayments, whilst away wandering and not working.  I was nervous buying my little flat 2 years ago because I don’t like being tied down.   Hopefully I can prove I can be semi-settled and still see the world.

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