#2 Sydneysider – 9k Bridge Run

Sydney is such a great city to live in, I decided to share some of the cool things I do here as an expat and to give you some ideas if you ever find yourself wandering down under. Welcome to #2 in the “blogging at home” series.

Yesterday, I joined 34,000 people who gave up their Sunday morning lie in, to instead lace up their trainers, as part of the Blackmore’s Running Festival. I run in the 9k Bridge Run, which is a perfect distance!!

Especially if you haven’t done much training :oS

It was a glorious day with beautiful, blue skies – certainly Sydney at its best!!!

Toilet Queue at Blackmore's Running Festival

Toilet queues and spot the famous landmark!!

I was at the start line around 8.30 am, soaking in the great atmosphere, with music pumping and lots of excited runners (16,000+ people).  The drawback of so many people… when the gun fired I didn’t run very far.

WARNING BAD PHOTOGRAPHY AHEAD – It is very hard to take decent photos with a mobile phone normally, though whilst running and juggling a water bottle!!!!

The start line for the Blackmore 9k Bridge Run

Slow start to the start line

After a slow start, I’m eventually pounding the road and heading towards one of the icons of Sydney..

Blackmore Harbour Bridge Run

Bridge and Bums!!!!

I love this race since you get to run over the Harbour Bridge.

No cars, no buses, no bikes, no lorries - just runners and the odd walker.  

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Below

My attempt at an artistic shot of the bridge

You get lovely views of the harbour and the Opera House, certainly worth dragging your arse out of bed on a Sunday!!!

View of Opera House

What the opera house looks like whilst running :oS

Considering I haven’t done much training, due to being on the road the last 6 months, I had a great run.  The sun did make it thirsty work, but I ran it in a respectable 1:09:49 and the only damage was a blister on my big toe.  I certainly slept well last night!!!

Sydney Bridge Run - a runners top

Ouch!!! Yep my feet were sore!!!

If you are planning on visiting Sydney, why don’t you coincide it with one of the many running events!!!

One of the many things I love about the Blackmore Running Festival is, there is something for everyone. As well as the 9k Bridge Run, there’s also a 3.5 km walk/run for families; a half marathon if you are feeling adventurous and for the completely insane (my flat mate is included in that category – congratulations!!!) a marathon.  This is my favourite run, but the City to Surf is also worth checking out.

Marathon Runner at Blackmore Running Festival

Looks in pain – A runner at the end of the marathon.


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