Bang Saphan Yai and A Night Boat

Just spent a couple days in Bang Saphan Yai; a lovely, sleepy beach. Had an interesting journey there… 3 of us and all our luggage on the back of a motorcycle – Asian style :oS The driver could just about see over the top of the rucksacks.

Beach Bungalow at Bang Saphan Yai

My Beach Bungalow

Our home for a few nights was a little beach bunglow, very simple but an amazing setting. We felt like we were staying in a little village, it even had roosters to wake you up at ridiculous o’clock.

Bang Saphan Yai before the afternoon's rains

Bang Saphan Yai before the afternoons rain

Not sure what Bang Saphan Yai is like in season, but we had a walk along the beach and only shared it with the local fishermen and hundreds of scurrying crabs. A little bit of paradise to ourselves. There were a few restaurants scattered along the beach, so our days were spent walking, playing cards or eating. A very hard life!!!!!

Fisherman's Cottage at Bang Saphan Yai

Fisherman's Cottage

Last night we headed to Ko Tao, one of Thailand’s Southern islands. We caught the night car ferry – if you can call it that!!!! There were no cars and it had a close resemblance to a cargo ship.

Car Ferry from Chumphon to Ko Tao

An Interesting Night Boat Trip

I didn’t get a wink of sleep all night, quite a rocky journey and the vibrations of the boat kept me awake. Mind it only cost 300 Thai Baht, so I can’t really whinge and it was certainly an experience. More so for Gele who until yestereday had only been boating in a lake and he was very concerned most of the night.

My bunk on the car ferry to Ko Tao

My bunk on the car ferry

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