#1 Sydneysider – Manly to Spit Walk

Sydney is such a great city to live in, I decided to share some of the cool things I do here as an expat and to give you some ideas if you ever find yourself wandering down under.  This is #1, of hopefully many, in this “blogging at home” series. 

View of Sydney Harbour on MSW

View of Sydney Harbour on the MSW

On Thursday I did my favourite city walk in the whole wide world, the Manly to Spit walk, and I got to play with my new toy/camera.  How cool that you can you walk in National Park, in the middle of a big city?  I didn’t see any kangaroos bouncing along the path or cute koalas clinging to trees ;o)

Bird in tree

Not quite a koala :oS

… but I did get to enjoy the stunning views of Sydney Harbour, walk through gorgeous bush and pass beautiful coves.

Beautiful Cove on MSW

One of many beautiful coves I passed

Have I sold it to you yet?

Eucalyptus Trees

The Bush in Sydney!!!

I caught a bus to the Spit Bridge and walked to Manly, so I guess I should call it the Spit to Manly walk but it hasn’t got the same ring about it. :oS  I love doing the walk in this direction, so towards the end I can enjoy the fabulous views of Manly and the Heads.  Also after all that exertion you can reward yourself with a beer or two at the pub!!!!

The Manly Ferry

The Infamous Manly Ferry

It took me 3 hours, but I would allow up to 4 so you can take lots of snaps.  Also in Summer don’t forget to pack your swimming cossie for a refreshing dip in Sydney harbour!!!!

View of Manly from the MSW

View of Manly from the MSW

If there is a better city walk in the world then let me know, I am up for the challenge!!!! :o)

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