#7 Sydneysider: An Impromptu Whale Watching Trip

Before I lived in Sydney, the animals I always associated with Australia, were bouncy kangaroos and cute koala, chewing eucalyptus leaves.  However, between May and November, every year, Australia gets some very special visitors, which made my normal commute to work this week pretty extraordinary.

Crowd looking at Sydney Harbour

Can you guess what we saw?

Whilst catching my morning ferry, a humpback whale, popped up literally metres for us and decided to put on a spectacular show.  It kept hitting the water with its huge fin, splashing its tail and blowing water.  I have seen whales in the wild before, but this was the most amazing and closest encounter I have ever been lucky to experience.

A humpback's fin out of the water just off Manly

Wow!!!!! A humpback whale.

Every year, humpback and southern right whales escape the chilly winters of the Antarctic to breed in the much warmer waters of Queensland, before heading back home in the Spring. Therefore there are many opportunities across Australia to spot Whales; in Sydney you can join a Whale watching trip or take a pair of binoculars up to North Heads in search of the telltale blow hole.

humpback whale splashing just off The Heads,Sydney

A big splash!!!

Life has been pretty quiet lately, but travel is on the horizon very soon.  Will write soon, Becks x

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