Wanderings in Melbourne

The best kind of travelling is when someone else is paying :o) I’m working in Melbourne for a week, but I have the weekend to explore this vibrant city. On Saturday, looking like a right tourist with my camera swinging from my wrist and carrying a free city map from the hotel, I walk from the CBD to St Kilda.

I started my epic journey (well it felt epic to my body since today it is aching all over from the shock of sooooo much walking :oS) by walking along the Yarra River at Southbank,  where I got great views of the CBD skyline.

The view from Southbank, including Flinders railway station and Melbourne city skyline

The view of Melbourne from Southbank

Melbourne is a lot more arty than Sydney, with many strange and weird sculptures dotted around the city.

A abstract face sculpture at Melbourne's Southbank

One of the many cool sculptures dotted around the city.

I decided to take a small detour and walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens. Well it was only suppose to be a short detour, but I spent over two hours just wandering and getting lost amongst the stunning gardens.

A jacaranda blossoms fallen to the ground

I love the jacaranda!!!!

I love that you feel you have been transported to far off forests, miles away from anywhere, then suddenly seeing glimpses of urbanisation, bringing you back to reality.

Cacti at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Giant Cacti Gardens

Bird of paradise plant at the botanical gardens with Melbourne city skyline behind

Bird of paradise

View of Melbourne Park Function Centre from Botanical Gardens

Has an alienship landed in the gardens?

Even the birds are dangerous in Australia!!!

At this time of year, the killer magpie, is trying to protect it’s babies so they will swoop to protect their young ones. Cyclists seem to be targeted more, checkout this you tube video.

Beware swooping butcher bird sign

Danger lurks everywhere in Australia!!!!!

Info: The Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne are free.  Open fron 7.30am to sunset every day of the year. 

I had my lunch at the tea house, but be warned it is pretty priccie for what you get.  A bottle of water was going to cost me $5.85 until I spotted free tap water tucked away in the corner.

When I finally managed to drag myself away from the gardens, I head down St Kilda Road, along with the trams.

St Kilda Road sign and tram

The road to St Kilda

Feeling pretty weary, especially since the temperature reached 37c today, I reached St Kilda Beach front crammed with the weekend crowds.

St Kilda Beach Front

St Kilda Beachfront

Today, it would have been great to have my roller coaster companion, Claire, with me!!!!! I am use to travelling solo, but I don’t think going to a fun park on your own would be much fun :oS I therefore, regrettably, continued passed the Luna Park freaky face entrance,

Luna Park Entrance, St Kilda

The freaky Luna Park entrance

and resisted temptation at the many yummy bakeries St Kilda is famous for,

A shop window full of yummy cakes.

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes!!!!

to collapse at a South American cafe, where I downed a litre of water and drunk my first ever feijoa smoothie. Very, very yummy!!!!!

A sculpture of a space rocket crash

More spaceships…

Too exhausted to walk back, I caught tram 96 to the CBD like most sane tourists who visit St Kilda!!!!

Info: To travel the trams, trains and buses in Melbourne use a myki card. They are available from 7-Elevens. You can add cash or buy weeklies.

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