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Had a busy week with work, but I have managed to sort a few things out for my trip.  On Wednesday, I put my passport in for my Nepalese tourist visa.  Yeah!!!!  It was pretty easy to do: downloaded the form from the internet, filled in my details, handed the application form and passport into the Nepalese consulate with the visa fee.  Voila.  All that is left to do now is pick up my passport and visa this week.

Before you go check the visa requirements for all the countries you are visiting.  They vary depending on your nationality and the countries you are visiting.  These sites can help point you in the right direction: (For Australians) (For Brits)

Some countries will allow you to obtain a visa on entry.  I could have done that for Nepal at the airport, but since I am staying there for 90 days I didn’t want to risk it.  Also it saves long queues at immigration.


  • If you are planning on getting a visa on entry to a country take a number of current passport size photographs with you. 
  • Most countries require at least six months validity on your passport, so ensure your passport is up to date. 
  • And finally, make sure you have plenty of unused pages in your passport for all those visas you are going to pick up on your trip.  When I last renewed by passport I purposely got the passport which contained the most pages.

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