Tourist Tax Fund

I have been back in the land of Oz for just over a week.  It has been nice, relaxing at home, catching up with friends, eating my favourite foods,

Relaxing at home

Relaxing at home


as I am a wanderer, I am jumping on yet another plane on Sunday :o)  Woo hooo!!!!

During my brief trip home I purchased a new camera, so I can take better piccies for my blog.  Even though it burnt a hole in my pocket, there is some good news: I can claim back the good and services tax (i.e. VAT for fellow Brits) at the airport.

Most countries wil refund your tax, but each country as its own rules and regulations – so it is worth doing some googling before you go.

Generally you need:

  • The receipt;
  • Some countries require a tax refund form from the retailer.   Due to this, I missed out claiming back the tax in Taiwan :o(
  • Wear or carry the goods on board the plane;
  • Goods need to be purchased within 30 days of departure;
  • Spend a minimum amount in one store.  In Australia it is $300.

You may only get back a few pennies, but it all helps towards your travel funds.   Happy shopping!!!!

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