Teaching Year 4

The TEFL course has been full on over the last week. If I haven’t had class, I have been doing assignments or preparing lesson plans. I am sooooo exhausted :o( I thought at least I’d have weekends off. I had my second teaching practice today. I really enjoyed my class today; they were year 4, so about 9 years old. They were sooo adorable.

My lesson was about the weather; talking about snowmen, rainbows, sunny days and ice cream. I was worried my reading text was going to be too easy, but maybe it was a bit too hard. That was my main criticism from my observers that I need to tailor my text more to the level. I must be honest, I am clueless: I am not sure what is the correct level for a eight year old, eleven year or even a fifteen year old is :oS

Even though some of the teaching material was too hard, I managed to get some of the concepts through to them. Initially the students were like headless chickens, but when they worked out what I was trying to do, they got very excited and started shouting the answers. It was a great moment seeing their little faces. Got a big head – my moderator complimented me on my teaching and asked me if I had taught before. Must be in my blood!!!!

2 thoughts on “Teaching Year 4

  1. You must have spent a long time preparing as there has been no blog for days.
    I can tell you that this teaching lark is no picnic and now you can appreciate why teachers do need that lovely long summer holiday.

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