Dharavi, Mumbai Slums

Dharavi slums

Dark, narrow alleys with only the slightest glimpse of daylight shining through, which to pass along you need to crouch low to prevent your head hitting the corrugated iron roofs jutting out and the mess of wires dangling from above; broken slabs haphazardly balanced over open sewages, which rock under your footsteps; 2 storey windowless concrete homes consisting of only two small rooms, housing goodness know how many people.  Welcome … Continue reading

Life in the Himalayas


I don’t think we appreciate how lucky we are living in a developed country.  We take every day things like clean running water; electricity 24 hours a day; supermarkets selling everything under the sun; for granted.  It is hard to believe in this day and age that many parts of the world don’t have these basic facilities.  I was very privileged this Christmas to experience, first hand, traditional life in the Himalayas. Can you imagine life … Continue reading

A Day with the Hill Tribes

Atta from the Akha Tribe near Chiang Rai

Thursday was definitely one of my highlights of Thailand.  We spent the day visiting some of the hill tribes around Chiang Rai.  They live in beautiful villages set amongst the jungle.  Their traditional clothes are saved for festivals, however to lure the tourists to their handicraft stalls some do dress up. I’m a sucker; at every village I visited I felt guilty if I didn’t buy something :oS so I … Continue reading