Travel Visas

Had a busy week with work, but I have managed to sort a few things out for my trip.  On Wednesday, I put my passport in for my Nepalese tourist visa.  Yeah!!!!  It was pretty easy to do: downloaded the form from the internet, filled in my details, handed the application form and passport into the Nepalese consulate with the visa fee.  Voila.  All that is left to do now … Continue reading

Travel Insurance

You don’t want to think of anything bad happening on your amazing trip, but I strongly urge you to get travel insurance.   I personally wouldn’t risk leaving home without it, you just  never know if something will go wrong.  I have been very lucky in all my years of travel and I have only ever claimed once; and that was simply a delayed flight.  However, I still wouldn’t risk it. … Continue reading

Financing Your Trip

Long trips can be expensive.  However, you have not got to be rich to travel.  With a bit of planning, a few changes to your life and it’s amazing how much you can save towards your trip of a lifetime. Saving is dull, but if it means a longer trip and not skimping on the fun stuff whilst away – it is well worth it.  I have: Cut back on … Continue reading

The Beginning – Planning a Trip

“A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step“- I just love this saying.  Over the years I have wandered the globe and I am just about to embark on my next big trip.  This time I thought I would blog about my adventures, so here we are – my first step of travel blogging.   I want to share my travel experiences with the world and help other fellow … Continue reading