Itchy feet: The Curse of the Wanderer

The oldest house in WA, the Round House, Freemantle

Itchy feet: the curse of the wanderer and only one known cure, getting back on the road. Last year I had a very quiet year on the travel front, so by December I was feeling very restless.  Two days before Christmas my wanderlust got the better of me and taking all leave of my senses, I booked a flight.  It was only a short trip; first surprising my folks in the UK for Christmas; … Continue reading

Planes, Planes and more Planes

Hmmm - is there an English menu?

I had a very long 2 day journey back to Sydney – Dubrovnik to Zadar to Frankfurt to Seoul and finally to Sydney – home sweet home.  Not a trip I’d recommend. :oS At Frankfurt I had to retrieve all my luggage since my next leg was with a different airline.  With 9 hours to kill I decided to dump my bags in storage and catch the train into city.  … Continue reading

European Fast Trains

Wow - 312 km/h

I have a HUGE list of things I would like to do at various parts of the globe; this week another one ticked off. :o)  Since hearing about the TGV in French class at school, I have always wanted to travel on a European super-fast train.  I therefore decided to go by train from Frankfurt all the way to Montpellier in the South of France. I first caught the train … Continue reading

Bon Voyage

Can’t believe the day as arrived and I’m on the road again. I have been so excited all week, driving everyone around me insane as I counted down the days and then the hours.  It has been a full on week, with good bye parties and work not letting up, but now I can forget all about that for awhile. I am writing this from Bangkok.  It is a sticky heat, but I … Continue reading