Most Dangerous Road in the World?

I had an amazing time with Gele’s family, it was a very special experience that I will treasure forever. The journey back to Kathmandu involved a one day trek and then a day on the dreaded public transport.

Dried noodles in a dish, next to empty packet

A tasty new snack discovered in the Himalayas – simply, dried noodles crunched up with some packet seasonings. For an extra va va voom, add raw red onion and chopped chili. Very yummy!!!!

The walk was pretty uneventful after all my previous adventures. It was a just lovely day’s walk in the Himalayas. The most exciting thing that happened was coming across a troop of monkeys.

A troop of monkey

A troop of monkeys running down the mountain

I wish I could say the last day back to Kathmandu was uneventful!!!!

After the horrendous bus journey, at the beginning of the trip, I decided to splash out and take a jeep.  Eleven of us squeezed into this vehicle, my bum is certainly not made for Nepali public transport.

Gele and I standing next to the jeep

Believe it or not, this is a red jeep!!!!

Oh my god!!!!

The roads were an absolute shocker, lots more bouncing and the sheer drops were breath-taking.

The road ahead across a river

Can you spot the road?

There was no tarmac on the road just thick dust.  At one section Gele had to get out and keep putting rocks underneath the wheels to stop us rolling back.  I tell you there was not much between our jeep and a cliff leading to certain death.  I did see the remains of an unfortunate lorry that did not fare well on these roads and ended up at the bottom.

Mountain road in Nepal

That’s our road ahead – gulp!!!!

The road was a single lane.  Luckily, there was not too much traffic coming the other way, but a few times there was some scary negotiating to allow other vehicles to pass us.

A colourful Nepali lorry

Lorry coming straight for us!!!!!

In the jeep, my heart was coming out of my mouth at each corner, if I was on a bus I’m sure I would have had an heart attack :oS

But, we actually passed some buses on this road, and all I could think was thank god I did not take the bus.

Beautiful view of a river from the jeep

I could appreciate the view on the flatter sections.

The constant bouncing did not agree with some of the passengers.  For the full 13 hours it took to get back Kathmandu, three of Gele’s family were vomiting into plastics bags and out of the windows.  Nice!!!  I was very relieved when the journey was finally over.

I officially name this the most dangerous road in the world!!!!!!!

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