#6 Sydneysider – Splashing around on Middle Harbour

Beep, beep, beep, at 7am I managed to drag my arse out of bed and after quickly getting ready, I leg it and make my bus just on time.  A typical work day?


Coffee Boat on Middle Harbour, Sydney

Where’s my morning coffee? Maybe this mobile cafe can help :o)

I decided to give up the comforts of my bed to spend a morning on beautiful Sydney harbour.

Line of kayaks at Middle Habour, Sydney

Our kayaks at Middle Harbour

My friend and I decided to do a kayaking tour to see the harbour and all its delights up close.

Pelican paddling in the harbour

One of the many pelicans living at Spit Bridge.

We joined 15 other folks who had also sacrificed their lie in.  It was an interesting mix, a group of Chinese tourists, some locals, some more Brits and lastly our South African guide.

Group of kayakers on Middle Harbour, Sydney

My fellow kayakers

The tour takes you past expensive yachts and crazily priced multi-million houses.   Aaaah if only……..  But eventually you leave civilisation and tackling the wash of boats, to be surrounded by beautiful bushland and mangroves.  Instead of admiring mansions, we were spotting sting rays in the shallow parts of the harbour.

Mangroves at Middle Harbour, Sydney

A hidden gem in the harbour

The kayaking pace was really good, but I appreciated the tea break. Sydney Harbour Kayaks put on a great spread of crackers, cheese, fruit, but the highlight where the Australian Tim Tams and Anzac biscuits.  I sneaked 2 Anzac biscuits into my belly, yum yum yum!!!!

Kayakers on Middle Harbour, Sydney

Enjoying the beautiful harbour.

My arms are a bit achy, but it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Definitely worth sacrificing my normal Saturday lie in for!!!!

Man kayaking in Mangroves at Middle Harbour

Our guide leading us through the mangroves.

My tour was with Sydney Harbour Kayaks at Spit Bridge.  To get there on public transport check out 131500.  There are 4 hour kayaking trips every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30am, more in season.  It cost me $99.  For cheaper options, you can hire your own kayak and create your own adventure on the harbour.

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