Landed in Europe

Thailand to Kathmandu to Abu Dabi to Germany in 3 days left its toll on me :o(  Being the hypochondriac I am I was worried I had Dengue Fever since I was aching all over and feeling very fluey.  Also I was suffering badly from jet lag.

Football Feverin Germany

Football Fever

It was lovely to see my good friend Kirsten, but unfortunately for her I spent my few days in Germany walking round like a zombie.

I'm no longer the giant!!!!!!!

My friend and her partner kindly showed me around; I just wished I had been more with it.  My standard of transport increased tenfold as we whizzed along the Rheine in the back seat of a convertible (great hairdo).  Not sure if he appreciated my comment that is was like being in the back of a rickshaw.

In the back of a convertible inn Germany

In the back of a convertible - great hairdo!!!!

Hot showers, being able to throw toilet paper down the loo, drinking water straight from the tap, fresh bread and cheese,  ahhh the joys of being back in Western civilisation :o)

Tasting the local cusine - deer, dumplings and red cabbage

Tasting the local cusine - deer, dumplings and red cabbage

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