Koh Tao – Sairee Beach

Koh Tao - Sairee Beach

Sairee Beach

Spent the last 3 nights at Koh Tao / Turtle Island. The weather has got wetter (bit strange being rainy season and all), so we decided to stay at Sairee Beach; if the weather continued to worsen at least we could play pool, watch a movie or something :oS As it turned out we were pretty lucky and during our stay we had only a few afternoon showers.

Walking from Sairee Beach to Chalok Baan Kao

Which Way?

The first day Gele and I walked along the coast from Sairee Beach to Chalok Baan Kao, stopping for lunch at one of the little coves. It was a lovely, long walk, but the further we got from civilisation the harder it was to find the path through the jungle. Our efforts were finally rewarded with an ice cold drink at Chalok Baan Kao, before an easy walk along the main road back to our temporary home.

Swan towels at Ban's Diving Resort

Swan towels

Boom, boom, boom, boom!!!! I had a shocking night’s sleep on the second night. A bar nearby played their music soooo loud that the wooden bungalow was vibrating :o( And it wasn’t even any good!!!!! Around 5am, as the birds were waking, the racket finally stop. I did not get a wink of sleep all night. After 2 out of 3 nights of no sleep I decided to treat myself to some luxury and checked into Ban’s Diving Resort. For $50 a night I got a hot shower, A.C., TV and even swan towels. Aaaaaah bliss!!!!!

Me in My Sexy Snorkeling Gear

After checking into our new abode, we went on a boat trip. It was suppose to take us around the island, but unfortunately due to the choppy seas we could only go around half of it. However, we did manage some decent snorkeling at Hin Wong Bay and Mango Bay. Well I did, Gele was only brave enough to put his head under the water for 30 seconds, whilst holding on for dear life to the side of the boat. I don’t think I have ever seen so many fish; it was very magical swimming through 100’s of black and white Nemos. I was not so lucky at the Japanese Garden as the afternoon rains started. I did brave the tropical waters, but it was very murky and after living in Oz so long I could only think of sharks. Also the waves had picked up and has we were not wearing fins it was pretty tiring work.

Yummy Curry at Shalimar Indian Restaurant, Koh Tao

Yummy Curry at Shalimar

The no fin policy is genius !!!! More companies should ban snorkelers wearing fins, since they are the biggest culprit for destroying the precious coral reefs by standing or kicking it. They certainly won’t be doing that with bare feet!!!!

Apart from the noisy neighbours, I really enjoyed my flying visit to Koh Tao and I could have easily stayed longer. Next stop Koh Pha Ngan.

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