Kayaking around Dubrovnik’s City Walls

Unable to stay idle too long, Het and I decided to do a sunset kayaking trip.  It’s a fun way to see the city wall.  My friend had never kayaked before, but we made a great team and we didn’t end up going round and round in circles.

We stopped at a cave to do some snorkeling.  There were plenty of fish, but they wouldn’t win any beauty pageants being rather dully coloured.  I personally wouldn’t go out of your way to snorkel in Dubrovnik.  Also the guide informed us we were lucky that today there was no litter – hmmm they didn’t mention that when we signed up for the trip.

View of the Dubrovnik walls from a boat

Viewing Dubrovnik’s city walls from the sea

The kayaking trip was suppose to be around Lokum island, but some girls wimped out 10 minutes into the trip and delayed us.  However, I was secretly relieved since it was hard going fighting the tide.  All our efforts were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

Last night my friends and I went out for a farewell dinner.  I was having a heart attack in the taxi as the driver named all the famous people that have dined there.  Bono and Bill Gates to name a few.  Gulp!!!!!  However, it wasn’t too expensive and we had a lovely dinner of grilled sea bass and scorpion fish.

Oh well this is almost the end of my trip; I am writing this from Frankfurt airport and sometime tomorrow I will be back in Sydney.  :-(

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