Kat Hing Wai – No Way!!!

On the surface Kat Hing Wai sounded really interesting (from the LP):

This tiny village is 500 years old and was walled in some time during the early Ming dynasty (1368–1644). It contains just one main street, off which a host of dark and narrow alleyways lead. There are quite a few new buildings and retiled  older ones in the village. A small temple stands at the end of the street.  Visitors are asked to make a donation when they enter the village; put the money in the coin slot by the entrance. You can take photographs of the old Hakka  women in their traditional black trousers, tunics and distinctive bamboo hats with black cloth fringes, but they’ll expect you to pay (around $10)

Kam Tin Road

Kam Tin Rd – It was nice to escape the high risers of Hong Kong.

It was a complete and utter nightmare to get there :oS 

A train, an 1.5 hour bus journey and I was still not there.  Somehow I had missed my stop – I am not sure how, I was constantly checking my photo I had taken of the bus route, but eh the best plans sometimes go AWOL.  I was not too far off Kat Hing Wai, so I decided to get a taxi there.

Easy said than done!!!

Out in the New Territories my English didn’t get me very far :oS  Using a photo I had taken of the bus route, I eventually managed to get the THIRD taxi driver to take me to Kat Hing Wai.

When I got there, I discover a pretty, ugly, walled village.  I did not even get to pay $10 for the pleasure of taking photos of ladies in traditional costume.  My advice, if you are ever in Hong Kong, avoid a visit to Kat Hing Wai!!!

The ugly wall of Kat Hing Wai

The ugly wall of Kat Hing Wai

What a waste of a Sunday!!!

When you explore a new country, sometimes you have amazing experiences and other times not so wonderful.  Especially if you wander a bit off the beaten path like me.  However, that’s what makes traveling so fun, you never know what you find around the next corner!!!!

Garden Shed at Kat Hing Wai

It got uglier!!! Old houses just used as dumping grounds.

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