Itchy feet: The Curse of the Wanderer

Itchy feet: the curse of the wanderer and only one known cure, getting back on the road. Last year I had a very quiet year on the travel front, so by December I was feeling very restless.  Two days before Christmas my wanderlust got the better of me and taking all leave of my senses, I booked a flight.  It was only a short trip; first surprising my folks in the UK for Christmas; then New Year in Lubeck, Germany catching up with an old friend; and topping it off with a few hours exploring Beijing, but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Chimney Sweepers in Lubeck, Germany

Hope these Chimney Sweepers, in Lubeck, will bring me luck in travel this year

I felt so at home standing in Hamburg train station, with my ruck sack on my back, after just ordering a hot chocolate with my terrible German and some hand gestures thrown in for good measure, and not a 100% certain where I was meeting my friend.

Stunning view of the roof tops in Lubeck, Germany

This is what I woke to, every morning, in Germany.

I was very nervous when I arrived at Beijing airport to discover there was no Qantas transfer desk and having to clear immigration with no visa or printed ticket, especially knowing how strict China’s border is.  I felt a little relieved, but mostly thrilled, on getting my transit visa and the chance to see a new country.

Being on the road and it’s adventures is what makes me tick.

Sunset over Beijing

A mini adventure in Beijing

I tried to explain my itchy feet to my partner, but he just says I need a break from work.  I thought hard about what he said, but having a wandering soul is more than just wanting time off work.  Some of my best travelling experiences was doing voluntary work in Borneo with the Orangutan Foundation UK, teaching Nepalese children and even just doing my 9-5 normal job in Taiwan.  My parents say I am just running away.  I would agree I usually do a big trip after a breakup, but that’s only because I then have the freedom to do so.  I know itchy feet is a first world problem, but nothing is better for my soul than throwing myself completely into a different culture or just simply sitting on a bus, in foreign lands, and watching the world go by.

A black cockatoo eating a Banksia

Black Cockatoo in Kings Park, Perth

A couple of months into the new year and I am happy to say I am on the road again.  Literally!!!!  After just spending a few days exploring Perth, I am now on a 2 week road trip to Western Australia.  This is my first “real” trip to Western Australia.  Until now all other trips have been strictly business, so I am looking forward to 2 weeks visiting Margaret River, Denmark, Esperance and everything in between.

The oldest house in WA, the Round House, Freemantle

On the Road Again – The Round House, Freemantle – the oldest public building in WA

I know this short road trip, unfortunately, won’t cure my itchy feet, but just fire my passion for travel even more.  So, for now I will be grateful for this short road trip, whilst my soul continues to dream about being on the road forever.

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