Financing Your Trip

Long trips can be expensive.  However, you have not got to be rich to travel.  With a bit of planning, a few changes to your life and it’s amazing how much you can save towards your trip of a lifetime.

Saving is dull, but if it means a longer trip and not skimping on the fun stuff whilst away – it is well worth it.  I have:

  • Cut back on being soooo lazy and taking buses instead of taxis (you could go one step further and walk);
  • Cut back on eating out so much, I am terrible for not taking my own lunch to work (need to work harder at this);
  • Reduced the take away coffees and instead at work I am drinking a lovely herbal tea;
  • No unnecessary new clothes – I am planning on buying lots of new clothes whilst in Nepal since it will be much cheaper there;
  • Saying no to a few nights out on the town; instead choosing to have dinner and drinks with friends at home.

TIP: If you are not very disciplined with money, open a special account and stash your savings for your trip there.  Out of sight, out of mind.   It is amazing how much a few dollars/pounds a week can grow in a few months.

You can also try and make some extra money before you go.  Ask your employee for some extra shifts, get evening work, sell unwanted items you no longer use, have a garage/car boot sale , etc.

I am trying something new for this trip.  I have a spare room, so I have placed an ad on airbnb.  It is a website that allows you to rent a bed to travellers.  To list my property I had to do some cleaning, take a few photos of my lovely flat, write a small blurb and click a few buttons.  It was relatively easy to do, except setting the calendar was a mare. I only signed up yesterday, so I will let you know how it goes and if I get any takers.  Wish I found this site earlier, but c’est la vie.  I reckon every night someone stays with me will equal at least two days travelling.  Wooo hooooo!!!!

If you are doing voluntary work during your trip, you can try and raise funds.  Many, many moons ago I did some conservation work in Belize.  Two of the girls on the trip got sponsored for shaving all their hair off.  With a big of imagination I am sure you can find interesting ways of raising sponsorship!!!!

Finally I am planning to rent my flat whilst away.  This is quite a frightening ordeal for me, since I am quite precious about my lovely new floors.  However, four months with a full time tenant, will certainly help with the home loan.  So I’m trying to put my fears behind me.  I have not done much about finding a tenant yet, but do plan on blogging about it – so watch this space.

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