Drugs are good!!!

Before you go check if you need any vaccinations.  Unfortunately some countries health standards are lower than your body may be use to and there are lots of evil diseases out there, so it is important to consider getting immunisations before your trip to protect yourself from the likes of hepatitis, malaria, yellow fever etc.

This web site is helpful in determining what vaccinations you need and provides great advice on how to reduce the risk: National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC).

Immunisations can be expensive, so shop around.  Also some vaccinations you need to have weeks or months before travel, so ensure you visit the docs 6/8 weeks before your trip.

I popped into the docs this morning, but luckily I’m up to date and I need no nasty injections or malaria tablets. Woo hoo!!!!  Whilst there, I did pick up some extra tablets for my migraines.  Hopefully no work for 4 months will sort out my migraines.

Tip: If you take regular medicines ensure you have ample to see you through your trip. 

There is a slight risk of malaria and Japanese encephalitis in some parts of Nepal, so I am planning on getting some deet-based wrist band to repel against those pesky mozzies.

The most common sickness for travellers is Delhi belly, which is picked up from unhygienically prepared food and untreated water.  I have suffered a few times on my wanderings, so now I’ll only drink and even brush my teeth with bottled water or treated water.  Also I will try and eat freshly prepared food, dine at restaurants that are full of locals (always a good sign) and never eat food that looks like it has been standing there for a long time.  Fingers crossed that this time I will not spend a few days with my head down the bog.

Don’t be scared of all the terrible diseases, with some preventive measures and a bit of common sense thrown in for good measure, you can have healthy travels.

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