The Golden Triangle – Delhi

My parents arrive in India and the first part of our adventures is the Golden Triangle.  The Golden Triangle takes in the wonders of Delhi, Agra and finally Jaipur.

Male and Female carriages on the Delhi Metro

On the Delhi Metro to meet my parents. We thought it was lovely and quiet until we realised we were in the female carriage.

The first day of their trip and ah-oh, I awake in Delhi to have to dash to the bathroom.  Not a pleasant start to the morning, head in a bucket, bum on the toilet, Delhi belly had struck.  I don’t know how, since I had been so careful; I’d eaten only pure veg, I’d brushed my teeth with bottled water and even at the temple I only pretended to drink the water. I’m certainly having the true Indian experience on this trip :o(

A typical street in Delhi

Delhi Traffic

However, since it was my parent’s first day in India I couldn’t feel sorry for myself and hide under the bed cover.  We hire a driver for the day to see some of the Delhi sights and I decided if I start feeling sick again I could always grab a taxi back to the hotel.

Qutub Minar, Delhi

Qutub Minar, the largest minaret in India.

In whirlwind tour of Delhi we took in the Red Fort, Qutub Minar, the Lotus Temple and India Gate.

The Lotus Temple, Delhi at sunset

The Lotus Temple or a spacecraft?

Along with the chaotic traffic, the obligatory craft shop, some elephants, street urchins performing acrobatics and contorting their bodies, and of course a cow or two.

Delhi cows through the car window

Cow jam ahead!

For a day in Delhi it run very smoothly and luckily my dodgy stomach didn’t spoil the day.

A driver and a 6 sitter car cost 2800 rupees for 8 hours. I booked it from the travel agency in the Radisson Blu Hotel at Connaught Place.  Since it was associated with an expensive hotel I thought it was pretty reasonable.

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