Cycling Around Sukhothai

Spent a fun day in the old city of Sukhothai cycling around the ruins.  I won’t pretend to know anything about the site, so today I will just do a photo blog.

Buddha and Me

Buddha and Me

Ruins and tuk tuk at Sukhothai

Ruins and tuk tuk

Frangipanis in full bloom at Sukhothai

Frangipanis in full bloom

Me cycling amongst the ruins at Sukhothai

Me cycling amongst the ruins

An ancient stupa at Sukhothai

An ancient stupa

One of the many Buddha's at Sukhothai

One of the many Buddha’s at Sukhothai

Cycling Between Two of the Sukhothai Sites

Cycling Between Two of the Sites

A Circular Rainbow Around the Sun

A Circular Rainbow Around the Sun

Cycling Amongst the Ruins at Sukhothai

Cycling Amongst the Ruins

Recommendation: We stayed in the new city and caught a songthaew to the old city, however I think it would have been nicer staying in the old city.  There are plenty of restaurants and food stalls there to feed hungry bellies.  Also there are songthaews that regularly leave the bus stop (I think every ½ hour) that will take you to Old Sukhothai costing 30 baht.

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