Jambo Jambo Nairobi


I don’t know if I am getting old, but I was very nervous about this trip and I thought a woman travelling independently in Africa would be utterly insane. It doesn’t help when one of Sydney’s Sunday newspaper, travel section, listed Kenya and South Africa in the top 10, “unsafe”, tourist destinations. I therefore thought it wise to go with a reputable company and signed up for an Intrepid overland … Continue reading

My Tips on Booking Hotels

Expedia Map

For years my parents have been nagging me to take them to India, well this year, is the year their dream comes true – gulp!!!!! The way I travel and the way my parents travel are at very different ends of the spectrum. I usually jump on a plane with a rough itinerary, wander completely off the beaten track and stay in the 1st cheap, clean and cheerful hotel I … Continue reading

Tourist Tax Fund

Relaxing at home

I have been back in the land of Oz for just over a week.  It has been nice, relaxing at home, catching up with friends, eating my favourite foods, but… as I am a wanderer, I am jumping on yet another plane on Sunday :o)  Woo hooo!!!! During my brief trip home I purchased a new camera, so I can take better piccies for my blog.  Even though it burnt a … Continue reading