Renting My Property whilst I’m on the Road

To help with my mortgage, whilst away, I have decided to rent out my flat.  I am nervous about the prospect, but it should cover  at least 50% of my loan so I would be a fool not to.  That would certainly give me a lot more spending money in Nepal!!! Tuesday, I got off my back side and phoned an agency.  Has  a property manager was coming first thing, this … Continue reading

Financing Your Trip

Long trips can be expensive.  However, you have not got to be rich to travel.  With a bit of planning, a few changes to your life and it’s amazing how much you can save towards your trip of a lifetime. Saving is dull, but if it means a longer trip and not skimping on the fun stuff whilst away – it is well worth it.  I have: Cut back on … Continue reading

The Beginning – Planning a Trip

“A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step“- I just love this saying.  Over the years I have wandered the globe and I am just about to embark on my next big trip.  This time I thought I would blog about my adventures, so here we are – my first step of travel blogging.   I want to share my travel experiences with the world and help other fellow … Continue reading