Orangutan Awareness Week – Like Me, Like Me, Like Me!


November isn’t just Movember, when men have an excuse not to shave for a month, but between 12-18 November it is also Orangutan Awareness Week.  This is another great cause, which draws awareness to wild orangutans and their beautiful rainforest home.  To support this, for every person that likes my Beck Wanderer Facebook page by the 18th November, I will donate £1 (approx $1.5 AUD) to the Orangutan Foundation UK* Also during Orangutan Awareness week … Continue reading

Planes, Planes and more Planes

Hmmm - is there an English menu?

I had a very long 2 day journey back to Sydney – Dubrovnik to Zadar to Frankfurt to Seoul and finally to Sydney – home sweet home.  Not a trip I’d recommend. :oS At Frankfurt I had to retrieve all my luggage since my next leg was with a different airline.  With 9 hours to kill I decided to dump my bags in storage and catch the train into city.  … Continue reading

Cultural Differences

Today, we covered culture differences.  Here are some interesting differences and most are considered very disrespectful if not adhered to: Thankyou is not necessary; However, the elder brother must say thankyou to the younger brother, but the younger brother must not say thankyou to the elder brother; Never use the first name of your elders.  Depending on their age in relative to my dad, I would call someone else’s father … Continue reading

Bon Voyage

Can’t believe the day as arrived and I’m on the road again. I have been so excited all week, driving everyone around me insane as I counted down the days and then the hours.  It has been a full on week, with good bye parties and work not letting up, but now I can forget all about that for awhile. I am writing this from Bangkok.  It is a sticky heat, but I … Continue reading