Defying Death, White Water Rafting on the Nile


I loved Rwanda, it was a beautiful country with it’s volcanoes covered with lushest green jungle. I wish I could have stayed longer, not just to spend more time with the gorillas, but there was so much more to explore. Next time I will definitely be climbing up Mount Bisoke, a volcano with a crater lake. My overland truck adventure is coming to an end; after another long 2 days … Continue reading

Chimpanzee Trek


The Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to one of our closest relatives, the chimpanzee. I decided to sign up for the chimpanzee trek; however to be honest I wasn’t that fussed about seeing the chimps, but I thought it would be a good to stretch my legs and to try out my walking gear in preparation for the gorilla trek. I looked the part for my jungle adventure. Uganda … Continue reading

Hippo Heaven

Hippo leading on another hippo

The last 3 days were just spent in the truck; driving a long, long way. I loved just watching the world go by, seeing how different people live; passing through villages, markets and farms; and bringing beaming smiles to 100s of children with a simple wave. As we whirled through Kenya, the Savannah was slowly replaced with tea plantations. At the Kenyan-Ugandan border we had to be forceful with the … Continue reading