Warrior Dancer Cooking Wild Boar at Wulai

Warrior Dancer Cooking Wild Boar at Walui

I was going to have a quiet day today, but the lure of the mountains was too much, so after breakfast I headed to Wulai.  I had to catch the train to Xindian, which is at the end of the line.  Too easy or so I thought :oS When the train terminated I suddenly realised the train line had forked and I was actually miles away from where I wanted to be – … Continue reading

Exploring Taipei

Shilin Station

The upside of working overseas is my accommodation, flight, food, etc is paid for; the downside is I have to actually work Monday to Friday and every evening this week I have been finishing at 8pm. Boooo!!!  I’m not sure if the late hours is part of the Taiwan culture or just this project :o(  However, the good news it’s now the weekend and I have a new city to … Continue reading

Made in Taiwan

Pig's Ears in Taiwan

On arrival at Taiwan airport I spotted a big sign – “Made in Taiwan”. It made me smile since that sums up my knowledge of Taiwan: this is the country where many electrical appliances start their life. Hopefully at the end of this trip I will know a lot more about this off the beaten track land. Well, my first discovery, I am not too keen on the food. :oS … Continue reading