Dharavi, Mumbai Slums

Dharavi slums

Dark, narrow alleys with only the slightest glimpse of daylight shining through, which to pass along you need to crouch low to prevent your head hitting the corrugated iron roofs jutting out and the mess of wires dangling from above; broken slabs haphazardly balanced over open sewages, which rock under your footsteps; 2 storey windowless concrete homes consisting of only two small rooms, housing goodness know how many people.  Welcome … Continue reading

PhotoBlog: Get Humped at Pushkar Camel Fair

Camel Smiling

I was very excited on arriving in Jaipur to discover the Pushkar Camel Fair was on. I have always wanted to visit it, so Ian and I just had to go. You have never seen so many camels in your life. Hopefully my photo blog shows how awesome it was. Info: The Pushkar Camel Fair is a five day festival, which is held every November on the full moon at Pushkar, … Continue reading

The Golden Triangle – Last Point, Jaipur

Amber Fort

It was another very bumpity bumpity bump journey to reach the last point of the Golden Triangle, Jaipur.  Our driver redeemed himself slightly– the main road to our hotel was one-way and the opposite way to how our car was moving, but after dodging all the oncoming cars/auto-rickshaws and taking a few side roads we safely reached our accommodation.  However, due to the lack of English, knowledge and smiles (i.e. bloody … Continue reading

Ranthambhore National Park – Tiger Spotting

Ranthambhore National Park

I decided to take a small diversion off the Golden Triangle, via Ranthambhore National Park, in the hope of spotting a tiger.  The journey there was a constant amusement to the group as we magically dodge buses heading straight for us, families on motorcycles, local folk wandering all over the road, camels pulling huge loads, and the many animals dawdling in front of us. There was a constant “Oh Jesus” … Continue reading

The Golden Triangle – Agra

Taj Mahal

To avoid sitting in Delhi traffic for hours, it was an early start to Agra.  It paid off and we had a fantastic journey, taking an excellent toll road and seeing no suicidal cows, until we hit the outskirts of Agra. However, our driver was very, very, very, very hard work.  He’s a pretty solemn character and communication is almost virtually impossible.  Luckily, he knew the way to Agra and once there, the hotel was … Continue reading