European Fast Trains

Wow - 312 km/h

I have a HUGE list of things I would like to do at various parts of the globe; this week another one ticked off. :o)  Since hearing about the TGV in French class at school, I have always wanted to travel on a European super-fast train.  I therefore decided to go by train from Frankfurt all the way to Montpellier in the South of France. I first caught the train … Continue reading

Landed in Europe

Football Feverin Germany

Thailand to Kathmandu to Abu Dabi to Germany in 3 days left its toll on me :o(  Being the hypochondriac I am I was worried I had Dengue Fever since I was aching all over and feeling very fluey.  Also I was suffering badly from jet lag. It was lovely to see my good friend Kirsten, but unfortunately for her I spent my few days in Germany walking round like … Continue reading