Booking Bangkok Overnighter

I am flying to Nepal with an overnighter at Bangkok.  I land at 10 pm and leave at 10.30am the next day, so no time for any sightseeing.  I briefly considered roughing at the airport overnight, hard floor vs a soft bed.  Hmmm hard choice, I’ll do the grown up thing and stay in a hotel.

Since it is literally a flying visit (excuse the terrible pun – heeee!!!!) I decided it’s best to stay close to the airport.  It is not worth the hassle of staying somewhere more central.  The traffic in Bangkok is probably the worst I have experienced, it is definitely a close call with Delhi.  Sometimes I find accommodation on arrival, but as I am landing quite late at night I feel it is safer to have somewhere pre-booked.

With that in mind I did some googling and came across the Convenient Grand Hotel for 1375 Thai Bahts  (approximately $42 AUD/ £28) on Wotif.  Cheap and cheerful (it is going to get cheaper from here on, budgetting $20-25 per night in Nepal – gulp!!!), but for such a short visit all I really need is a bed to crash.  I could have found a better deal with a bit more research, but I get free transport between the airport and the hotel, so overall sounds ok.   Also the reviews were reasonable on tripvisor - this site is worth checking out to find out how other travellers rate hotels.

Ask me in a few weeks if I agree with them…

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