Bon Voyage

Can’t believe the day as arrived and I’m on the road again. I have been so excited all week, driving everyone around me insane as I counted down the days and then the hours.  It has been a full on week, with good bye parties and work not letting up, but now I can forget all about that for awhile.

I am writing this from Bangkok.  It is a sticky heat, but I just love it – to me this just brings back so many memories of travelling.   Had a 10 hour flight with no individual TV; back to the olden days of only one screen and one movie.  Choice not too great, “Arvin and the Chipmunks” – lucky I had my book and some puzzles to keep me entertained.  Also had a few too many beers last night (my new flat mate’s led me astray – I was suppose to be in bed at 10pm, but instead rolled in at 1am), so being slightly hangover did manage to grab a few zzz’s.

Met a British couple on the bus to the hotel, they are coming to the end of a 2.5 years stint travelling.  Wow!!!  The girl has done TEFL in Thailand, she was very enthusiatic about it and really enjoyed the experience.  Does sound like hard work with all the lesson planning, but I can’t wait to get stuck in.

My hotel room is pretty luxurious, but I better not get use to this.  In a few days I am going to be sleeping in a tea house, probably in a room which I can’t swing a cat in and having to share the toilet with the masses.

Well 6.30am start tomorrow, ready for my morning flight to Kathmandu.  Night night xxxx

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