PhotoBlog: Beautiful People

My time in Nepal is sadly now just a memory and I’m back to reality, dreaming of my next trip zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Not sure where and when that’s going to be.  For my last blog I decided to do a photo blog of all the beautiful people I met that made my trip so special.

My Walking Companions

Nepal - my porter sitting on a rock

Wonderful Loki who carried my bags for 11 days

Gele standing on a swinging bridge

Without Gele I wouldn’t have had such an amazing trip x


Folk I Met on the Road

Nepali Lady

Lovely Mitre who brought lots of smiles to my face the day we walked together. Believe it or not she does laugh a lot, just not in photos!!!

An elderly married couple

This is my favourite photo :o) This old couple are in their 80s and still farming the land.

Two sherpa children standing in a doorway

These two adorable sherpa children lived at 3700m, miles away from anyone

A nepali girl feeding her goat.

A girl feeding her goat.


The Family

Gele's family standing outside their house

I slept at this wonderful families house

Nepali Man Sitting

Gele’s dad

Nepali Man and Lady standing in front of their house

Gele’s parents

Gele's Sister Family

Gele’s sister’s family who also put me up for a few nights :o)


Gele’s Nieces

Two sisters

His nieces were adorable.

Two nepali children

I love that bonnet :o)

Nepali girl carrying hay

…but they work too hard for children!!


All people smile in the same language.

4 thoughts on “PhotoBlog: Beautiful People

  1. These people look really pure and I can tell they naturally are warm-hearted. Too bad you didn’t get a photo of Mitre smiling because I bet her smile is as warm and lovely like yours. The children are all so cute. It seems like you really went local on this trip :)

    • They were all so kind to me. Mitre was such a character, I think the raksi helped her LOL And yep all the children were so sweet. Most Nepali children sadly beg Westerners for chocolate and sweets, but I don’t think many Westerners have tread these paths so they were unspolit :o)

    • Amazing photos and a tiny bit of jealousy from my end. they do look amazing!!! I think I can now understand your fascination a bit more/better!!! Miss you, but I am also enjoying being back home :), Kx

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