Bandh and Squits – Goodbye Nepal

Today I say good bye to Nepal as I am heading to Thailand with my friend Gele.  My last week has been uneventful.  The bandh continues in Nepal as the government try to agree how to federate the country, so this stopped all my planned excursions. At least they decided against splitting the country by caste!!!  Also, the last 3 days I have had the Nepali squits;  I guess I had to have one more dose before I left.  :o( Therefore, this week has given me the chance to catch up with emails, buy a few gifts, laze around with a book and plan the European stretch of my trip.

As a result of my TEFL notes, my backpack had gotten quite heavy.  Not wanting to lug all that around Thailand, I sent 5kg of TEFL stuff, winter trekking clothes from the beginning of my trip (in this heat it is hard to believe a few months ago I wore thermals :oS) and souvenirs back home.

TIP:  When my bags get to heavy I always send a parcel home; I am never sure if they are going to make it, but touch wood so far so good.   If you are like me and buy ‘tat’ (as one of exes kindly calls it – grrr!!) from your travels, I recommend de-cluttering now and again.  It’s like Christmas when you are finally reunited with your goodies. :o)

Also, I have one night in Kathmandu before I head to Germany, so to lighten my load further I am also leaving a few bits and pieces at my hotel.

Oh well, next blog Thailand…

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