Au Revoir France

Pont du Gard

France is where my travel lust started many, many moons ago. However, this trip I have felt more of a tourist than a traveller. France no longer holds that sense of adventure I felt as a child and I still get in Asia. It has been a lovely ‘holiday’ with my folks and so for my last blog from France I am simply going to share some piccies of my … Continue reading

Mini Adventure in Cannes

Lavender at Mougin

I caught the train from Montpellier to Cannes to meet some old friends from blighty.  Had fun and games trying to find le gare in Montpellier; poor dad he had to put up with three women giving him directions (mum, me and Lily the sat nav). It was a lovely journey to Cannes; the last stretch was very pretty as the rail track hugs the coastline.  Can you believe my … Continue reading

Fun in Saintes Maries de la Mer

Danger Sign - Hmmmm can't the audience read!!!!

Since I was a little girl the South of France has developed considerably.   The heat and the chirping cicadas are the same, but where once there were just beautiful sandy beaches there are now rising apartment blocks.  When I first visited the Pont du Gard we just walked down to the river and swam in its waters; now you have to park miles away, pay 18 Euros, but there is … Continue reading

European Fast Trains

Wow - 312 km/h

I have a HUGE list of things I would like to do at various parts of the globe; this week another one ticked off. :o)  Since hearing about the TGV in French class at school, I have always wanted to travel on a European super-fast train.  I therefore decided to go by train from Frankfurt all the way to Montpellier in the South of France. I first caught the train … Continue reading

Landed in Europe

Football Feverin Germany

Thailand to Kathmandu to Abu Dabi to Germany in 3 days left its toll on me :o(  Being the hypochondriac I am I was worried I had Dengue Fever since I was aching all over and feeling very fluey.  Also I was suffering badly from jet lag. It was lovely to see my good friend Kirsten, but unfortunately for her I spent my few days in Germany walking round like … Continue reading