Arrived in Nepal

Yesterday I arrived to beeping cars, the smell of burning fires and incense, a grey smoggy haze – ahh my home for the next 3 months. A Nepali friend, I met 2 years ago, has arranged a guide for a small trek somewhere near Pokhara. I met my guide at the airport – well I think that’s who escorted me to my hotel. My guide does not speak a word of English and I had to direct the taxi driver to my hotel, so should be an interesting few days trekking – gulp!!!

The rest of the day was very uneventful. Not sure if it was jet lag or sheer exhaustion from all the crazy hours I have been doing at work, but I slept all afternoon. Dragged myself out of bed for an hour to wish my mum “Happy Mother’s Day” and then crashed at 8pm.  What a lazy moo!!!!

Today I am to get my walking permit and hopefully head to Pokhara this afternoon.

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