AirBnB Lodger, Visa, Books

My short term lodger from AirBNB has moved in. So far, so good. Was not quite sure what should be included in the service, so the day before I stocked up with some stables (e.g. milk, bread, cheese, fruit, etc.) I am trying desperately to keep the flat tidy – I’m not use to cleaning the bathroom so often – yikes. One night my neighbours came back from the pub very drunk and partied until 2am. I was dreading seeing him the next day, I thought he would have had his bags packed and ready to move into the backpackers since it would be quieter. But when I finally faced him, I discovered he slept through the whole racket. Unbelievable!!! He is staying for another 6 days, so 16 days in total. Certainly a nice sum towards my mortgage payments whilst I am away.’

I picked up my Nepalese visa – wooo hooooo!!!! That’s definitely one less thing to worry about.

A number of books I bought online (much, much, cheaper than buying from a bookstore) arrived. I bought the travellers bible – the Lonely Planet for Nepal. I have used many of these over the years and I would strongly recommend them. Also I bought a Nepali phrase book, hmmmm it’s a very hard language. All the sentences are jumbled up. Not sure how much I will learn, but I do like trying to speak some of the local lingo. Even if it’s just “Ali-kati ciso beyar?” – I think that is “can I have a cold beer?”

Also started buying a few bits and bobs for my TEFL course. I bought an English dictionary/thesaurus – might come in handy.  Also, lots and lots of stickers. I’m hoping to teach children on my travels, so to reward good marks I am going to stick dinosaurs, cars or cats all over their exercise books :)

Well slowly, slowly my trip is coming together. I have started counting down the days, only 24 to go!!!! Hopefully I should have ample time to sort everything out.

Night, night and thanks for reading.

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