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Drop me a comment below, I would love to hear your questions, comments, any tips and travel stories.

Also if you fancy being a guest blogger and sharing your travel stories (for free), let me know.

Speak soon, Becks :o)

9 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Becky I am a friend of your mum and dad. She told me to go on your blog to have a look. My what a wonderful life you have. Wish I had had the oportunity to visit all those places when I was younger, and do all those exciting things. Well done dear. Live life to the full always

    • Mum has mentionned you. Glad you liked my blog, I think i drive my parents crazy with all the travelling :-) you are never too old, mum and dad are talking about us going to India. Gulp!!!

  2. Have not heard about that one yet Becky. Unfortunatly things are stacked up against me a little bit to stop me roaming but I did make it to the Philippines for four weeks last Christmas. Hope you enjoy your trip to France

  3. Hi Becky – Really enjoying your Blog, gonna tell Sam to follow you.
    You’ve wandered a long way from those French holidays !

    Love and hugs

    Muriel (& Bob) X

    It’s not the destination but the journey that matters

    • Thanks Muriel. Actually wandering back to where it all began. On Monday meeting mum and dad in the South of France at one of the 1st camp sites we ever went too. After all this Asian food looking forward to French bread and cheese :-)

      Hope all your family are well, I follow all the grandchildren news on Facebook :-)

      Take care
      Becky x

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