About Me

Hi, I’m Becks, [usually] a solo female traveller. I love travelling and I want to share my experiences, so welcome to my travel blog. If your ideal holiday is sitting at an expensive resort, drinking cocktails, looking all glam – this blog is not for you!!! When I travel I want to experience the local culture, which sometimes means stepping outside my comfort zone.

Elephant Riding in Sri Lanka

I started life in Wales, but my global wanderings brought me to Australia 9 years ago. Since then Sydney has become my home. My first overseas trip was to France with my parents when I was 13. I loved every minute. The strange language, the gorgeous food (aahhh French bread, cheese and pate, yummmm!!!), the beautiful markets – my first experience of haggling. Most of my childhood summers were spent touring around Europe with my parents, I was soooo lucky!!! I became hooked on travelling.

Volunteering in Borneo

Since then I have been very fortunate and have visited many countries both for pleasure and work. From building a conservation centre in the heart of the Belizean rainforest; 6 months working in Helsinki – experiencing the arctic like Winters and the 24 hours of daylight in the Summer ; 3 months backpacking around India; attempting to summit Kilimanjaro but bottling it on summit day when the second guide collapsed – yikes; touring in a camper bus around New Zealand with a great friend; volunteering with the Orangutan Foundation UK in Borneo; to name but a few. In 2012 I decided to hit the road again, my trip this time included studying TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Nepal, a month backpacking around Thailand, and a month in Europe catching up with friends and family. In the past I have kept diaries, but I thought on this trip I’d move into the digital/social networking age and share my experiences online.  Beck Wanderer was born.  On this trip I have found a new passion, blogging and one day I would love to become a full time travel blogger.

Nepal – Everest Base Camp

Oh well that’s a bit about me, hope you enjoy the blog and I encourage you to leave comments. Beck the Wanderer