Planes, Planes and more Planes

Hmmm - is there an English menu?

I had a very long 2 day journey back to Sydney – Dubrovnik to Zadar to Frankfurt to Seoul and finally to Sydney – home sweet home.  Not a trip I’d recommend. :oS At Frankfurt I had to retrieve all my luggage since my next leg was with a different airline.  With 9 hours to kill I decided to dump my bags in storage and catch the train into city.  … Continue reading

Kayaking around Dubrovnik’s City Walls


Unable to stay idle too long, Het and I decided to do a sunset kayaking trip.  It’s a fun way to see the city wall.  My friend had never kayaked before, but we made a great team and we didn’t end up going round and round in circles. We stopped at a cave to do some snorkeling.  There were plenty of fish, but they wouldn’t win any beauty pageants being rather … Continue reading

Dubrovnik, Croatia

In the streets of the old city of Dubrovnik

I love it when the plane lands and you find yourself in a new country – alien landscape, different language, strange people.  This is the last leg of my four months trip (but my travelling might not be over quite yet…) and I’m now in Dubrovnik, Croatia with some old friends to celebrate our 20th anniversary of first meeting each other at university. My accommodation is far removed from anywhere … Continue reading

Au Revoir France

Pont du Gard

France is where my travel lust started many, many moons ago. However, this trip I have felt more of a tourist than a traveller. France no longer holds that sense of adventure I felt as a child and I still get in Asia. It has been a lovely ‘holiday’ with my folks and so for my last blog from France I am simply going to share some piccies of my … Continue reading