Afternoon Tea in Jioufen

Jioufen Tea House

Jioufen My colleague and I joined the crowds again this weekend, there are so many people on this small island.  This time we joined the locals in Jioufen, an old gold mining town, set in the hills, with great views of the Pacific Ocean. Jishan street is the main attraction.  An old, narrow street with lots of food stalls to sample, shops to browse and people to squeeze past. The Art … Continue reading

Taiwan Food Diary

Giant Mushrooms

I love food, but I’m not soooo adventurous – I normally don’t venture further than veggies and chicken.  Therefore eating in Taiwan has been an experience and taken me out of my food comfort zone.  Here is a sample of the culinary delights I sampled this week and some not so delightful. Millet Soup and Veggie Pastie – 5/10 The millet soup was a wee bit too bland for me, even when I … Continue reading

Warrior Dancer Cooking Wild Boar at Wulai

Warrior Dancer Cooking Wild Boar at Walui

I was going to have a quiet day today, but the lure of the mountains was too much, so after breakfast I headed to Wulai.  I had to catch the train to Xindian, which is at the end of the line.  Too easy or so I thought :oS When the train terminated I suddenly realised the train line had forked and I was actually miles away from where I wanted to be – … Continue reading

Exploring Taipei

Shilin Station

The upside of working overseas is my accommodation, flight, food, etc is paid for; the downside is I have to actually work Monday to Friday and every evening this week I have been finishing at 8pm. Boooo!!!  I’m not sure if the late hours is part of the Taiwan culture or just this project :o(  However, the good news it’s now the weekend and I have a new city to … Continue reading

Made in Taiwan

Pig's Ears in Taiwan

On arrival at Taiwan airport I spotted a big sign – “Made in Taiwan”. It made me smile since that sums up my knowledge of Taiwan: this is the country where many electrical appliances start their life. Hopefully at the end of this trip I will know a lot more about this off the beaten track land. Well, my first discovery, I am not too keen on the food. :oS … Continue reading