Booking Bangkok Overnighter

I am flying to Nepal with an overnighter at Bangkok.  I land at 10 pm and leave at 10.30am the next day, so no time for any sightseeing.  I briefly considered roughing at the airport overnight, hard floor vs a soft bed.  Hmmm hard choice, I’ll do the grown up thing and stay in a hotel. Since it is literally a flying visit (excuse the terrible pun – heeee!!!!) I decided it’s best to stay close to … Continue reading

What to Pack

What to pack depends on the type of trip.  You may need to take special equipment and the type of clothes is dependent on climate.  Nepal will be warm when I go, I may do some small treks, so my plan is to pack as lightly as possible.  I have started planning on what I’m taking, so any missing items I can purchase before I leave.  I will update this list … Continue reading

AirBnB Lodger, Visa, Books

My short term lodger from AirBNB has moved in. So far, so good. Was not quite sure what should be included in the service, so the day before I stocked up with some stables (e.g. milk, bread, cheese, fruit, etc.) I am trying desperately to keep the flat tidy – I’m not use to cleaning the bathroom so often – yikes. One night my neighbours came back from the pub very … Continue reading

Flat Rental Update

Well last week lots happened on the rental front.  Got very excited by my first reply from AirBnB.  She sounded perfect: a girl in her thirties, moving for work, blah de blah.  But…. I didn’t reply quick enough, so she found somewhere else.  Lesson learnt – be quicker off the mark.  Then my 2nd and 3rd enquiries came in.  Woo hoo!!!  I have a student moving in tomorrow for 10 … Continue reading

Travel Visas

Had a busy week with work, but I have managed to sort a few things out for my trip.  On Wednesday, I put my passport in for my Nepalese tourist visa.  Yeah!!!!  It was pretty easy to do: downloaded the form from the internet, filled in my details, handed the application form and passport into the Nepalese consulate with the visa fee.  Voila.  All that is left to do now … Continue reading